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Purrs Under the Stars

It’s been a while since I wrote a drabble or even updated my fanfiction, but wheeldude who is awesome was so kind to give me ideas and I wrote this especially for them. I hope you enjoy

Topic: during love love love.

There will be an extension to this later as for the other drabbles you requested they will come soon.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, I know that Artie may not be number one all the girls are chasing after, since one he cannot run and two we decided to place ourselves in the bottom of the barrel by being in glee club but that doesn’t not eliminate the feelings that I slowly and painfully been growing for him.

Of course I was beyond excited going to the carnival tonight but at the same time, how do go without wanting to puke when he ask me if I want another cotton candy or what color teddy bear should he win for me.

I care for him and that is pretty much the case, I Kitty Wilde like Arthur Abrahams. I have to be women enough to go, and I am, but like I said I am nervous. I re-apply the last bit of eye liner on my eye lid before reaching over to my make-up bag and dabbing my favorite color of lip gloss right back on my lips.

I fiddle with my high pony until it is satisfactory; looking in the mirror once more I let out a sigh of content and eye every feature of myself before leaving my room.

I decided to stay in my cheerios uniform because I knew he loved the way I looked in it, and how perfectly my hips swayed when I walked to whatever destination.

Dammit when did I become so soft, I’m supposed to be a fire breathing dragging and lately all I could think about is “Artie wheel me to my next class” or “meet me under the stars” it disgust me, but hey this kitten needs her ball of yarn.

My phone vibrating woke me out of my thoughts. I see the picture of Artie and I illuminate my screen, I love this picture. He is calling to let me know he is ready to head out. My breath that I was shockingly holding in finally blew out as my not so swift “hello” pierced through the phone.

“Hey kit kat , my mom and I are outside.” He said so innocently. He is the only one I allow to call me that name, I told him how my mom use to always call me that.

I grab my purse and look over myself one more time.

You could never be sure.

I sprint down the stairs and grab a quick glance at my little sister who is passed out on my mom’s lap who is stroking her hair.

“Artie is outside; I’m going to the carnival with him.” I say nonchalantly, I only do this when I don’t feel like being bombarded with tens of thousands of questions.

“Okay, have fun, tell me everything when you get back .” she says not even looking away from the television. She is so enchanted in some documentary about obese women who say they want to get bigger or something like that.

I walk outside and to my relief Artie is in the back seat beaming at me and so is his mother. She loves me and the feeling is mutual. I walk over to the driver’s window and place a kiss on her cheek.

“Hello Mrs. Abrahams.” I smile sweetly; we connected so much after the whole situation with Artie getting into film school.

“Hello lovely how are you. “She smiles so sweetly to me.

“Great.” Is my quick response before I climb in the back seat to sit with my sir.

“I can’t wait until we get there” he whispers into my ear placing his hand on my lower thigh. For his satisfaction I purr in his ear.

Mrs. Abrahams awkwardly cough, signifying she caught us. At this rate there was no way I could hide the blush that burned on my face.

Line Break

“Well shit kitty, you almost put all of us in a concussion.” Jake comes from behind me rubbing the back of his head.

“For real, Marley and I almost flew out of our cars, and Unique has a migraine now.” Ryder interjects.

“I told you cry babies that I take bumper cars seriously, you decided not to listen so do not complain.” I state plainly before walking off while wheeling my boyfriend, or soon to be boyfriend, damn I need to straighten my priorities.

But of course to make everything  more complicated the Ebola virus herself had to make shit more complex.

So after my conversation about sneaking around to Artie finished I couldn’t help but see the glimpses of hurt and disappointment in his eyes. It hurt me to. No matter how much I wanted to be public with my relationship, the school is such a monarchy and I was on top, I needed to have my status.

Days after our date at the carnival I would take my time and show artie how much I care by making messages and leaving them in areas for him to find.

So here I am right now sitting under the stars, waiting for my lover to wheel his way into here so we can have our daily make-out session which I insisted.

I hear the faint sound of a wheel chair down the hall and my panties started to become moist, I always got exctited when I was with him, I shifted to make myself comfortable while he was entering the room.

“There is my little Kit kat, you are getting very creative with these notes.” He giggles as i get off the table and place myself in his lap, my own special seat.

“I’m awesome Arthur, my creative skills are superb, you didn’t know that by now?” I laugh playfully.

“I cannot deny that.” And with that I feel our lips connect and the explosion of want and desire goes off my rector scale.

“I love being under the stars.” I hum out as we remove ourselves for some well needed air.

“I love you.” He mummers out thinking that I wouldn’t catch it.

I smile into his lips and reply out

“You too wheels.”

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